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COP26 Newsletter – Briefing 1


The COP26 engagement team has already embarked on their engagement plan and met with businesses around Pacific Quay and community councils around the main venue, including the Ward 10 and Ward 5 collaborative groups – groups made up of several community councils in these wards, to talk about the impacts of COP and opportunities to get involved.

These meetings, and others with businesses in the Finnieston, and wider area will continue right up until event time and will be complemented by GRG drop-in sessions (virtual or physical) and direct communications with businesses and residents where there is a specific impact that needs to be communicated.

As the team continues to plan to support a safe and successful COP26, businesses are being invited to a virtual event next week which is being organised as part of the Get Ready Glasgow campaign developed by Glasgow City Council in partnership with event organisers - the UK Government, and with Police Scotland and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

As host city of this potentially historic climate change summit, hosting COP26 gives Glasgow a unique opportunity to raise its profile globally as a sustainable city, attract investment to key sectors and promote itself as a visitor destination.

Keep the City Moving

Impact of the Conference on Roads

Diversion Routes

Active Travel Routes

The River Clyde

To keep the city moving and open for business, people will be advised to prepare journeys in advance, but with built in flexibility in case of unexpected disruption.

Businesses and residents directly affected by closures and LATMPs will receive specific communications to advise and support them to deal with the likely impact they may experience during specified periods, and the measures that will be put in place to minimise disruption.

The team will be back in contact with you as each stage of planning is completed in order to make sure you are aware of what is happening and have the information you need to support your local communities and businesses.