COP26 Keeping everyone COVID safe


Latest news on UK Government plans to keep COP26 COVID safe

Whilst COVID-19 continues to present challenges across the world, tackling the climate crisis cannot wait. This is why the UK Government, as hosts of COP26, are working tirelessly with all our partners, including the Scottish Government and the UN, to deliver a safe and inclusive summit that the people of Glasgow can be proud of.

We are putting in place a comprehensive set of COVID-19 mitigation measures to ensure that an in-person COP26 can take place safely, with voices from across the world represented. This is essential to delivering an ambitious ‘all of society’ and inclusive COP26 that leads to the fairest and most sustainable outcomes for all.

We have consulted with chief medical officers alongside public health and clinical leads across England and Scotland to inform the package of measures we have in place.

Vaccines and travel

Testing and hygiene measures

Access to healthcare

Code of Conduct