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Traffic & Travel

Hosting eight championships across five venues, including road races, will impact our travel network and we will experience changes to the movement of traffic around the city.

Partners have undertaken work to inform how we manage the potentially increased demands and changes to our network to accommodate restrictions to usual traffic flow and influence travel behaviour.

Where restrictions and road closures are required, planners have developed local traffic management plans in these areas. Further details of these can be found below.

Businesses and residents directly affected by road races and other activities, on certain days, have received letters forewarning them of the likely impact during these periods. Multiple business and community engagement sessions were also held across the city.

Road closures on the Road Race Route will come into effect from 0001hrs, Friday 4 August until 2359hrs, Tuesday 8 August and then again on 0001hrs, Saturday 12 August until 2359hrs, Sunday 13 August.

Road closures on the Mixed Team Time Trial Race Route will be in place from 0001hrs to 1600hrs, Friday 4 and then again from 0001hrs to 2359hrs Tuesday 8 August.

More detailed road closure information and accompanying access and egress plan for businesses on or within the Glasgow Circuit can be found below and on the Businesses page.

Temporary Traffic Management Orders 2023

Road Race Circuit Closures 4-8 August & 12-13 August

Mixed Team Time Trial Relay Circuit Closures 4-8 August

Parking Restrictions

Access & Egress Plan

Additional Closures and Restrictions

Public Transport

Glasgow's Low Emission Zone - Now Active

Active Travel

Planning Ahead

Residents and Businesses of Glasgow should now have recieved letters from Get Ready Glasgow, if the premises is subject to Road Closures and Parking Restrictions along the Road Race Route. Letters for City Zones 1-5 can also be found below.

Business and Resident Letters