Road events

Find out what road events are taking place, when, the route and restrictions

Road Courses

The Road events will take the action from Glasgow's streets to the scenic roads of North Lanarkshire providing and East Dunbartonshire, providing a captivating backdrop to a world class event that will be viewed by a global audience. To ensure that the course is of a world class competition standard - free of obstacles and thoroughly checked ahead of the event - adequate set up time is required.

The Games is also committed to ensuring the safety of spectators and that there is plentiful vantage points for people to view the action and soak up the electric atmosphere.

To facilitate this, there will be temporary changes put in place in the surrounding on event days. This will include road closures, changes to some road access and parking restrictions.

Roads will only be impacted on event days and organisers are doing their utmost to ensure that closures are in place for the shortest amount of time possible and that roads are reopened as soon as it is safe to do so.

Bus routes affected by these road closures have been advertised here:

Re-opening will start as soon as crowds of spectators have dispersed and all equipment is removed and any street or road facilities that were removed to enable the smooth running of the event have been reinstated.

Full details of the restrictions that will be in place for each race can be found below.

Cycling Road Race - Sunday 3 August

 Cycling Road Race Route Plans [5Mb]

 Cycling Road Race Route Road Closures [24kb]

 Cycling Road Race Route Parking Restrictions [8kb]

 Cycling Road Race Route One Way Changes [4kb]

Previous Events

Marathon - Sunday 27 July

 Marathon Route Plans [6Mb]

 Marathon Route Road Closures [17kb]

 Marathon Route Parking Restrictions [8kb]

 Marathon Route One Way Changes [3kb]

Cycling Time Trial - Thursday 31 July

Cycling Time Trial Route Plans [3Mb]

Cycling Time Trial Route Road Closures [33kb]

Cycling Time Trial Route Parking Restrictions [9kb]